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I can put your mind at ease that you are benefiting from these tools and help you to manage your business “by the numbers”.

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Use the money saving, tax saving, and money making tools in my toolbox to audit-proof and protect your finances.

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With my resources and guidance, you can become more confident in creating the profitable business you desire.

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I can introduce you to tools and resources that will promote your business and help you to generate new, loyal, returning customers!

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About Toolbox 4 Entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Barbara Starley and I am so glad you stopped by. If you are a small business owner/entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place!

My goal is to empower the entrepreneur to do what they can do themselves – but also to understand why they need to do it – and then be available to them on an “as-needed” basis.

I believe that given the right tools and proper training, entrepreneurs can plan for their success, protect themselves and audit-proof their records, promote their businesses for a steady stream of referrals, and ultimately enjoy a profitable and rewarding enterprise.

As a Certified QuickBooks® Pro Advisor, I have built my own entrepreneurial enterprise and know what it takes to construct a business that my clients will love. 


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