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Well-intentioned entrepreneurs go out and purchase QuickBooks® and before they are even out of the gate, they’ve thrown up their hands in frustration – overwhelmed by the software that was supposed to make their lives easier. And there it sits…on the shelf…collecting dust.

QuickBooks® is a powerful software for almost any small business. But how do you know which features work best for your particular industry and which are better left ignored? Who wants to spend hours or days trying to figure it out? And what if you get the set-up wrong – and you’ve wasted all that time? As a QuickBooks® Pro Advisor, and years of experience working with many clients and industries, I can put your mind at ease that you are getting exactly what you need from the software to puts your finances at your fingertips and provides you with useful reports to help you manage your business “by the numbers”. And with just a few clicks at the end of the year, you can provide your tax preparer with the figures they need to efficiently prepare your taxes. Get the set-up right from the beginning and you can have confidence going forward.

And then there’s the entrepreneur who jumped in with both feet, only to realize that none of his reports make sense. How can he be sure that the numbers are right and can be trusted? I love working with these clients. To me, it’s like dumping out a brand-new puzzle and all the pieces are scattered, messy, and have no resemblance at all to the beautiful picture that is on the cover of box. With a bit of troubleshooting and training and support, I help my clients turn their books into a beautiful picture.

Still not sure what you have to do to get started? Take advantage of my FREE 24 Point Inspection Assessment to determine EXACTLY what it is you need to make your business a fine oiled machine!



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Whether you are a new or old, small or large business, having a business plan in place is essential to the growth and potential of your business. A plan includes business goals, your expected steps to attain them, and resources and tools that you will use in doing so.

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